Makemytrip / Goibibo Front End Engineer Interview questions and experience

In this post, i would like to share my Makemytrip Front End Interview experience and questions. As you must be aware that Makemytrip recently acquired Goibibo and they have a very similar interview experience. In Bangalore, they operate from the same office as well.

MakeMyTrip Goibibo Frontend Interview Questions and Experience

My focus areas:
  • How did i apply for Makemytrip Front End Developer post?
  • Total rounds and area of focus in each round?
  • Makemytrip Front End Engineer Interview Questions?
1. How did I apply for the Makemytrip Front End Developer post? I received a call from a consultant firm which was working for Makemytrip/Goibibo hiring. It was a saturday drive, so number of participants were high.

2. Total rounds and area of focus in each round? There were total 4 round. I appeared for the interview in 2019. Their interview process has almost been same from last 2-3 years.
  • First Round: Written Test with 10 questions
  • Second Round: Test paper assessment and deep dive into each Javascript concept.
  • Third Round: Application Design Round
  • Fourth Round: Hiring/Director Round
3. Makemytrip Front End Interview Questions?
  • Written Test: There were around 10 Javascript based questions where you need to write code on paper. Then they will evaluate the paper and so on. I got all 10 correct which i came to know in the next round during assessment. Total time given was around 1 hour. Below are some of the questions asked:
  1. Iterating though nested objects and listing all the key value pairs. You have to check the type of value and when it's a object go deeper till you find the last key value pair, otherwise just list the key value pair.
  2. Writing a function that can memoize any function including recursive ones.
  3. Transform a function to give certain output, it was based on IIFE concept.
  4. Deep vs Shallow copy of Javascript Object
  5. Throttle based question on optimising search.
  6. Few output questions based on Closure, Higher Order Functions and Hoisting etc. 
  • Assessment and Javascript Round:  This round was based on my answers in previous round. Once i explained the answers properly, interviewer asked me other versions of the above concepts. You can consider this as in depth round of the previous round. He also asked me about how we can cancel api calls, how to efficiently use browser storage, data security issues, how do i use middleware in my project(based on my current work). It was long round which lasted around 1.5 hours.
  • Application Design Round: I was asked to design a contacts manager. It was a paper and whiteboard round. Before this, he asked me couple of settimeout and hoisting based questions. He also wanted to know about my achievements as frontend engineer so far. I told him about my startup story, the website that i created along with my friend and how we served 60/70 orders per day. Interviewer was the Lead for that particular team. He told me that this is the last elimination round. Coming to contacts manager, there were 4 parts:
  1. UI Mockup
  2. Tech Stack and Architecture of the application. Local states/Redux/ContextApi states. 
  3. Total functions and code for each function.
  4. Caching, PWA, background sync implementation, scaling.
  • Hiring Manager/Director Round: I was asked to leave that day. I felt that i screwed something up in last round although i wasn't sure what exactly. After 1 week, I received a call from the consultant that setup my Makemytrip Front End interview that they want to go ahead with my candidature and i will have one last hiring manager round(not an elimination round). But i already had received another offer by then from a better company so i never went for that interview.
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