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In this post, i would like to share my Intuit Front End Interview experience and questions. Intuit is a company known for great product, great employee benefits and nice pay. My interview experience at Intuit was actually a turning point as i was exposed to couple of new concepts.

Intuit Front End Interview Questions

As usual, I will focus on three areas:
  • How did i apply for Intuit Front End Developer post?
  • Total rounds and area of focus in each round?
  • Intuit Front End Interview Questions
1. How did I apply for the Intuit Front End Engineer post? To be honest, i actually never targeted Intuit. I don't remember applying through any platform. I received a call from Intuit HR and I went ahead with the Interview for Front End Engineer role. Sometimes HRs go through profiles on different portals based on the eligibility criteria. At that time, I posted my resume on LinkedIn, Instahyre, Naukri, Angelist. So they might have picked up from one of these portals. What i have heard is that they are mostly interested in people who are already in some good organisation. I was employed in second largest startup in India.

2. Total rounds and area of focus in each round? There were total 5 rounds. It's been almost a year since this interview happened, so it might have changed. Interview in Intuit is basically a JS Grill.
  • First Round: Front End Assignment (React + GraphQL)
  • Second Round: Assignment Assessment
  • Third Round: HTML, CSS, JS
  • Fourth Round: Advanced JS Round
  • Fifth Round: Hiring Manager (Didn't happen)
3. Intuit Front End Interview Questions?
  • Assignment: Again something I don't like that you spend lot of time on assignment and its role is just restricted to screening candidates. We were supposed to design an application that shows free meeting rooms in the office with respect to each floor and different buildings. It should show all the available time slots. Once you reserve a meeting room, availability should adjust accordingly. Application should be coded in ReactJs and you have to use GraphQl to filter your api response. You can complete assignment either at your home or at their office. It should have a responsive layout and good design as well. There were some outline provided w.r.t the design but its mostly upto you. I finished the application and it took me 4 - 5 hours in total. I took care of all aspects and i had to learn GraphQl as well. 
  • Assignment Assessment:  In this round you have to do code walk through and explain everything to interviewer. They(2) were asking React and GraphQl based questions. I answered all. However, what i lacked is some Backend experience as they expected me to have some experience in Java working as Backend engineer. I came to know that in Intuit, it is a 75-25 full stack role. I had some experience in NodeJs.
  • UI Round(HTML, CSS, JS): It went on for a very long time. I did good in this round. However, I don't remember all questions.
  1. HTML 5 Features, advantage of semantic tags. Differences in HTML versions.
  2. Flex Box related questions.
  3. Table Layout Related questions, How to make Responsive Tables.
  4. Lot of other CSS based questions which covered almost everything in CSS.
  5. Adding custom methods to Array Prototypes. Implementation of SomeArray.SomeMethod().  You can approach this by declaring SomeMethod on Array.prototype. And you can access all elements inside array from (this). Check this IMPLEMENT YOUR OWN MAP, REDUCE, FILTER OR ANY NEW ARRAY METHOD IN JAVASCRIPT
  6. Closures based questions
  7. Polyfill of reduce
  8. Redux vs ContextApi vs Passing Props
  9. Call Stack related questions
  10. How will setTimeOut respond inside for loop and using IIFE and let inside it.
  • Advanced JS: Interviewer needed in depth answers. He told me that i should have more knowledge as i am a senior software engineer but i was a software engineer with 2 Yrs working experience at the time of Interview.
  1. What are Generator Function(function*) and output questions based on it(yield, next).
  2. Callback to Promise conversion and vice versa.
  3. Logic behind Pure Components in React, useMemo vs useCallback, how does react implement these methods.
  4. Async Await with Promise based output questions including nesting etc
This round is focused on in depth Javascript Interview Questions & Concepts.

Conclusion: Intuit Front End Engineer interview exposed me to couple of new concepts(GraphQL + some JS Concepts). It actually helped me to upgrade my JS game. Couple of things went against me in this interview(Zero working experience in Java, lacking some javascript concepts)

I have never looked back since that day. This blog is a diary of both my successes and failures. My recent streak of success had a big impact from this interview. My honest advice is that just keep giving interviews even if you have the offer. Every interviewer will add at least one concept to your bucket before it becomes saturated. I already had an offer at that time.


  1. That was hell lot of questions. Could you help me with the following:-
    1. What did the interviewer expect when he asked "Logic behind Pure Components in React, useMemo vs useCallback, how does react implement these methods." ?

    Also are we supposed to know all react hooks and its implementation?

    2. For Assignment round, could you please explain the UI bit more of what exactly is expected and how you designed it?

  2. 1. Answer is expected in terms of design pattern used behind react and how is that design pattern used to implement these methods. Yes you are supposed to know everything that react consists of.
    2. User can see free rooms and slots in in each room, add meeting in free rooms/free slots.


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