Flipkart UI Engineer / Front End Interview Questions & Experience

In this post, i would like to share Flipkart UI Engineer Interview questions and experience. Flipkart is a Internet based company so they end up hiring a lot of Front End Engineers every year. 

Flipkart UI Engineer / Front End Interview Questions and Experience
Flipkart UI Engineer / Front End Interview Questions and Experience

As always, i will focus on three areas:
  1. How did I apply for Flipkart UI Engineer post?
  2. Number of rounds and what each round was focused on?
  3. Flipkart Front End Interview questions?
  • How did I apply for Flipkart UI Engineer post? I applied through Instahyre. It always works for me. Although, my friends don't have a good experience with it. If your resume is floating around in the market, the Flipkart HRs or some consultancy working with Flipkart end up finding you. So make sure, you apply through various portals including LinkedIn/Glassdoor etc. I also received a call from Careernet as well.
  • Number of rounds and what each round was focused on? There were four rounds in total. Sometimes, Flipkart might conduct 5 rounds. Although, it depends on different hiring managers. Few years back, they didn't have separate PS/DS round as it was included in UI round.
  1. First Round: Website Development
  2. Second Round: UI Round (HTML, CSS, JS)
  3. Third Round: Problem Solving and Data Structures
  4. Fourth: Hiring Manager(Didn't happen on that day)
  • Flipkart UI Engineer Interview Questions?
  1. Website Development: First of all if you are going for Saturday hiring drive then be prepared for a very high number of candidates. So this round kind of works as a big filter. I personally feel that it's a very important round for a Front End Engineer so it should be a final round rather than some sort of mere eliminator.
  • We had to create a web page where whole layout is dynamically rendered. Think of it as all the containers on Flipkart Home page i.e the header, search bar,  banner, product catalog, carousel, footer etc. There provided an API service that will provide a nested object with container and widgets inside it. You have to dynamically render it. Each widget has it's own width and color. You have to generate entire layout with a Vanilla JS code. There were extra points for responsive website. Search bar should be able to filter the widgets as per their ids i.e only that widget should appear on screen. They provided 2 hr time. I finished this, with all extra features they mentioned. This round itself has a evaluation round where you need to explain your code to interviewer. Main focus is on writing a modular code. 
      2. UI Round (HTML, CSS, Javascript): UI round is very important if you are appearing for Flipkart UI Engineer position. Interviewer was really good and he asked            almost all possible Javascript interview questions.  
  • Prototypal Inheritance in Javscript and how does prototype chain works?
  • What is a reduce function in Javascript. How to write a polyfill of a reduce function? He wanted me to cover all cases while writing a pollyfill of reduce. You can check MDN documentation for that.
  • How does Redux Saga works, what problem it solves and how can we achieve our goals without redux saga?
  • How does closures work?
  • How will i design a calendar? What controls will i make? What events will i attach? How will i render a numbers in calendar for every month? And a bunch of other calendar related questions. I had to write functions, CSS layouts etc. I nailed this round.
    Interviewer asked some popular Javascript Interview Questions.

      3. Data Structures and Problem Solving: Interviewer was a back end engineer i guess as he was not familiar of in built JS methods.
  • Given a string, reverse only the alphabets keeping rest of the character at the same place
  • Find all pairs in an array where sum is equal to a certain number(You can create a JS Object and then directly look for sum-num in Object)
  • I don't remember as it has been a while since interview happened but it was a DP based question(You have to use memoization to solve this)
Conclusion: Overall Flipkart UI Engineer Interview Experience was a good experience. Although i feel that Machine Coding / Web Development round shouldn't be the first round. It is a kind of confirmation that you are a good front end developer. Let me know if you liked my post on Flipkart UI Engineer / Front End Interview Questions & Experience. Please follow me on Twitter if you have any queries, i actively reply those. Let me know on comments if you want me to share any other experience or discuss any Javascript Interview Questions.

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  1. Bravo Niksbay. Will connect with you on twitter. Was wondering whether you were able to complete the entire machine coding round. Also could you provide a sample api so that I can try my hands on.

    For round 2-> Did you implement the whole calendar UI on the screen? I have done it previously so was wondering it took atleast 30-45 min for me using
    pure JS.

    Also was the DP question too hard?

    1. I did complete the entire machine round. Calender UI was just on paper with functions. I don't have any api. DP question wasn't that hard.


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