Amazon Front End Interview Questions and Experience | Javascript Interview

In this post, i would like to share my Amazon Front End Interview experience and questions that i was asked. The pattern of Amazon Front End Interview is different from lot of other companies.

Amazon Frontend Interview Questions and Experience

I will focus on three areas
  1. How did I apply for Amazon Front End Engineer post?
  2. Number of rounds and what each round was focused on?
  3. Amazon Front End Interview questions?
  • How did I apply for Amazon Front End Engineer post? I received a call from Amazon HR asking if i am looking for a job change? I wasn't actively looking for a change back then but still i went ahead because i believed that it was a good opportunity. Amazon HR found my resume through one of the job portals. I will recommend you to apply through Instahyre or LinkedIn.
  • Number of rounds and what each round was focused on? If you are applying for SDE II position then you will have 4 rounds otherwise 3 rounds for SDE. 
  1. First Round: Data Structures and Algorithm
  2. Second Round: Hiring Manager Round
  3. Third Round: UI Round focused on Javascript, HTML, CSS
  4. Fourth Round: System Design Round(panel wasn't available)
  • Amazon Front End Interview questions?  
      Data Structures and Problem Solving : I was asked two questions and total duration was 1 hr.
  • Given a 4*4 square with capacity of 16 blocks. It was filled with total of 10 blocks with 2 in first row, 1 in second, 4 in third and 3 in last row. Gravity is working downwards. What will be the order of blocks if gravity works sideways i.e leftwards horizontally. What algorithm will you use to get final order? It will take some thinking but it actually is very simple. Any sort algorithm will do the job. Here is a similar example with 3*4 square with capacity of 12 blocks. It's filled with 8 blocks. Initial state - 1, 2, 3, 2 and final state 3, 2, 2, 1.
Amazon Data Structures Question
  • Given a 4*4 square with capacity of 16 blocks. Each block represents a building with some number of floors. Considering this square as a city, if looked from outside, it will have a certain skyline from each direction i.e N,S,W,E. We have to write an algorithm to increase number of floors to maximum in each block given that skyline remains the same from each direction. It can be solved by increasing the floors in each block to minimum of highest building in horizontal and vertical direction. Interviewer was satisfied with my answers.
      Hiring Manager Round : He asked questions related to past work experience, he wasn't interested in my startup experience though. Challenges i faced while working in current company and past company. How did i deal with those challenges? Have i ever achieved something in my work going beyond my role? All questions are based on Amazon Leadership principles. Please go through that deck and answer accordingly.

    UI Round focused on Javascript, HTML, CSS : Although Amazon clearly says that all interviews will be a pen and paper round. But to my surprise Interviewer asked me to code on his laptop. Although interview is supposed to last 1 hour each but as interviewer was late so it shrunk to a 40 minute interview. I was asked to develop a carousel module that can be imported anywhere and  customized easily. You have to specify the values that you will take from the user like images, autoplay etc. Then code the module with Vanilla JS.

Conclusion: Overall it was a smooth interview process at Amazon but yes, be ready for certain surprises like the one in UI Round. I hope you liked my post on Amazon Front End Interview Experience and Questions and please do comment below if you want me to discuss my interview experience on Walmart, Flipkart, MS, Paytm, MMT, OYO, Intuit etc.
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  1. Hey Nik,

    You are doing a wonderful job in helping UI Devs like us. Please publish MS and Intuit experience.
    Also for walmart labs what was the offered CTC. It would be helpful .

    1. I will share the interview experiences in upcoming posts. Most probably Intuit. Please subscribe to this blog/follow me on Twitter to stay updated. Since offer letter is confidential so i won't be able to share CTC details, you can refer to Glassdoor/Leetcode/LinkedIn Salaries.

  2. Thanks Nikhil. It would be great if you share microsoft too. There is not much guidance there out. Also you are doing an awesome job in helping frontend devs like us. Can you share yoyur linkedin profile. Will connect with you there. Thanks

    1. Thanks. It will be better if we connect on Twitter as there is a lot of spam on LinkedIn nowadays. Also i can reply to your DMs as well in case of any queries.


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